Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Home State

The Congress led UDF has stormed back to power in Kerala, winning a historic 118 seats in the 2011 Assembly elections. The CPI-M led LDF could only win 21 seats and BJP winning their first seat in Kerala. Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan conceded defeat and observed that the responsibility of the defeat lies withing some elements of the party who derailed some of his very popular measures.


  1. Isn't it too early to predict all these? Soon after the 2004 Lok Sabha elections CPI(M) also came up with a similar campaign, figures showing a clear lead for the LDF in 115+ constituencies.

  2. @Violence... LDF got 99 seats in the 2006 assembly elections.. that was 2 years after their historic 18/20 performance in the lok sabha elections.. But considering their excellent governance of the state, i think my assessment will prove right in the future!