Monday, March 22, 2010

A Blogger's Honesty

Dear Readers,

This post is an attempt to discuss an issue which has manifold manifestations in the public and private lives of bloggers and people in general. During the past few weeks, I have been bombarded with criticism with respect to my posts in this blog. It has been argued that my posts are attempts at self-glorification and achieving 'social gain'. Be what you are - 'don't pretend' is the advice that I am getting from various quarters. In this context, I wish to analyze to what extent I can say truths about myself.

By virtue of being the school leader, I also became the General Coordinator of LAFest 2008, an inter-school Cultural Fest organized by my school.
- from 'Namaste!', my March 18, 2010 post
Prime Minister
Arun Sudarsan
This is my blog and I deserve to be the boss. I will also take care of the Finance Ministry and Defence Ministry.
- from 'My Cabinet', my March 5, 2010 post
When I reached 9th standard, I became the assistant class leader and became known for my 'truthfulness' and was named Gandhi by friend Abraham George.
- from 'Nicks!', my February 13, 2010 post

Seen as my attempts to glorify myself, I will have to humbly reject the argument because these sentences put those posts in its right contexts and did nothing to enhance my 'image'. 

But the pseudo-morality in me prevented me from using these fantastic sites during the first three months of my stay here in Chennai.Soon I realized that there is no use hugging on to my pretentious principles.
- from 'Facebook and me', my February 4, 2010 post.
  • How much of truth about oneself can be posted in a public space like 
  • Since my life is linked with so many other lives, is it appropriate on my part to tell the 'darker' truths about myself involving other people? 
  • Will that be an infringement into their privacy? 
  • Is it necessary that I tell all about myself to the outside world? 

To each of these question, I have an answer.
  • So much that it won't affect your public life. (Isn't this hypocrisy?)
  • It's not appropriate.
  • Yes.
  • No.
Hypocrisy is a feigning to be what one is not. Am I being what I am not by not telling some truths about me? Only I can answer that question since only I know whether the truths I am hiding are in fact contradictory to my actions. And I feel that I am mostly not a hypocrite, but sometimes I am. 

I need your opinion on this. How honest can we be about ourselves in the public? How honest should we be in the public? What information about oneself comes under the realm of privacy? What to be shared, what not to be? 



  1. from my point of view the answers are
    1. it's up to you, if you want to keep up your 'image' in the public sphere you need to be either a true GANDHI or a hypocrite. but if you can say 'go to hell' to the people who speak about 'pseudo morality' you won't fear to put all the truths about you.
    2. when you are writing down something, it's your point of view right? so it'll be better to omit the names at least :)
    3. without their prior knowledge it'll be
    4. not at all.

    nyway nice post da :)

  2. Well, yeah. You can be as honest as you want to in so far as it doesn't affect others.
    I guess what people mean when they say 'self glorification' they mean stating facts in your blog (that boost your social image) which are either
    i) irrelevant to the current topic
    ii) elevating your own status as compared to others or their own (might be called jealousy, but not exactly)
    The second reason is almost insignificant as we are intellectuals (I think)And nowhere in the given examples does it seem to be irrelevant.

    What comes under realm of privacy?
    Something that, when viewed and understood by others can affect your or others' lives in a negative way. (sometimes positive, but mostly negative)

    Yeah so basically, make sure what you say is of your thoughts and feelings and the views of others are not presented unless with consent.

    On a lighter note, people who talk about you self glorifying, why don't you direct them to a certain "other" Arun that we know of? ;)