Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tales of two birthdays

Why am I writing on birthdays? Well, because I recently 'celebrated' my 19th birthday. I am going to share with you stories - personal stories of two of my past birthday celebrations.
18th birthday
One of the most memorable days in my entire life. My 18th birthday was special. Past midnight, i get calls from my friends and hilarious messages. That evening Pratap sir and Vishnu comes home to gift me a t-shirt. The next day morning, I get a surprise visitor in the form of Sajad, who gifted me the book "Not a penny more, not a penny less". These little surprises made that day very special.
8th birthday
Not so happy one. See, I had this problem. Sometimes I feel things are happening very fast though they are not. The visual feedback I'm getting seems to be fast. I perceive things to be happening very fast. And I slowly lose control over my voluntary actions. On my 8th birthday, it so happened that this problem recurred. I was walking aimlessly, everything moving very fast around me. I soon tripped and fell. My mother had a tough time controlling me.
To ever lose the control over your 'voluntary' actions is the biggest 'calamity' that can happen to us. To not know what you are doing is a sad situation. Because of God's grace and others' blessings, that has not happened to me since. Let's keep voluntary actions voluntary itself.


  1. jackshit compared to your more recent birthday....

  2. You could talk about your 19th birthday the way it was. You have every reason to. No one's gonna be offended. Sorry about the way things were. It was unfortunate and we regret it.