Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Namesake Update - On beauty and sports

Aju has been quite busy updating his blog almost everyday… Sajad and Sushmita are not far behind… even Chetana managed to update her blog during this vacation… This one is just namesake… ;-)

Venus Williams crashed out of Wimbledon Women’s Singles. She lost to… eh… damn! I can’t even remember her name! But, she is not bad… I mean, she is quite good looking... :-)

Why is that??? I mean, ramp or reel suits them better than the dusty world of sports! Quite a few names come to my mind when I think about good looking sportswomen… Sania, Saina and Sharapova… Kournikova and Kirilenko… (racket sports ~ beauty??)…

But my vote goes to World #11 chess player Alexandra from Russia

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  1. Arun reducing women to looks. What days have come!