Thursday, February 4, 2010

Facebook and me

Having luckily qualified an entrance exam that took me to the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai last year, I found out that the most effective way to stay in touch with people back home is the internet; to be specific, the social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut. But the pseudo-morality in me prevented me from using these fantastic sites during the first three months of my stay here in Chennai.

Soon I realized that there is no use hugging on to my pretentious principles. In school, I would have got the best outgoing student award for pretending to be good. Sadly, I passed out of Loyola a year earlier. Finally, on a fine Wednesday evening (or was it a Thursday afternoon?), I went to the DCF, opened Mozilla Firefox (notice my commitment towards the advancement of an open source software), typed in That day, I got my Netizenship back.

An interesting thing about Facebook is that it allows you to take ‘quizzes’ which serves no purpose but to make you (in)famous. Here are some examples handpicked by me from the website.

· Bitch test (Girls only): Are you a bitch?

· Are you a true pothead?

· What is your kissing type?

· How evil are you?

· Which 2010 song are you?

· When will you fall in love?

I don’t want to mention a few other tests, because it’s only a fine line between masterful writing and obscenity. In fact, I did take the last quiz mentioned on the list to know when I would get a girl. But I was not too pleased with the answer. It said that I would fall in love with a girl I would meet in a bar, at the age of 47. I was quite happy about the bar and the girl part of the answer, but not the age part of it; which brings me to another quiz which I took, to wonderfully illustrate how ridiculous can Facebook quizzes get.

The result, you can see for yourselves.

Name : Arun Sudarsan

Age : 18

Yes, I do have grey hair. But I am not a 100 year old guy! I want to emphasize on the point that I am just an 18 year old teenager! Unfortunately, many see me as a mature boy. Well, the truth is I am not. Now, I just want to enjoy my life as a teenager to the fullest and mature as the age clock keeps ticking.

To conclude, I would like appeal to all to be careful in future while using Facebook quizzes. They might tell you that you are likely to fall in love next day with your sister, if she happens to be one of your Facebook friends or that you are going to be stabbed to death in the near future.


  1. I can't believe Facebook got something right!

  2. This is awfully funny:D And no gifts on guessing which part in particular!

    On a more serious note (although the article in no way calls for any 'seriousness'), you writing style is ooozom:)