Wednesday, February 17, 2010

True Love

"Rahul, I love you".

"I love you too",he told Meenu.

Sitting in an empty classroom on a Friday evening, Rahul and Meenu decided they should run away if they hope to be together. They knew their parents wouldn't agree with this proposal. They would say its too early. After all, they are still studying.

"Meenu, I can't live without you"

It was two years ago when they first met. Both of them were standing with their parents near the office, waiting for the admission procedure to be completed. They knew they loved each other the moment they met. His eyes followed her, when she left for home with her parents. He longed to meet her the next day.

In two different rooms, in two different homes, in two different places, Meenu and Rahul spent that night wondering what the other person might be thinking. As always, people in true love think the same.

True lovers ignore each other in public.

How universal are the concepts of love?! Meenu and Rahul indeed met the next day. But they never spoke a word to each other, occasional glances and blushes apart. Her eyes followed him, when he left for home that evening.

Forward to present

They are still sitting in the empty classroom contemplating the possibilities of eloping. No proper education, no other means to survive. Their confidence was melting.

"What shall we do?", Meenu aked Rahul.

"May be we should do our homework", he said.

With that, he took out his Math notebook.

Rahul Krishnan, Std 3B, Lakeview International School.

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