Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Kiran Bedi Lecture

My heartfelt gratitude to DoHSS for postponing afternoon classes for today.

IC & SR Hall, IIT Madras, Chennai

Her lecture was on "Secrets to Success". I beg to differ. Her methods were never a secret, but we never wanted to find those three basic principles of success, the three Ms.

  • MASTER: Master your emotions and strive for excellence in your academics
  • MEMBER COMMUNITY: Be a useful member of your community
  • MEANING: Find a higher meaning for your life
Her words were inspiring, thought provoking and straight on the face. When the others dished out the cliched words - You are IITians, the best in the country. How can I make you any better? - she had the courage to tell us - I checked your website. I couldn't find the details of any patents that this institute has achieved in the past 51 years.

She made us introspect. She made us feel bad of ourselves for not doing enough as the students of this premier institute. If YOU decide to be ordinary despite being in this extraordinary institute, then who will be?

I believe she has convinced us to act. And I sincerely believe that we do act.

I end this special Lecture post quoting her.
People who make sacrifices for themselves might reach positions. When they turn their backs, we'll curse them. People who make sacrifices for the community as a whole become great. When they turn their backs, we follow them.

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